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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Watermelon :)

We just love watermelon in the summer! Here are a few of the many pictures of us with the HUGE watermelon we found at Aldi today. Mom and I split it so we got a whole lot of watermelon for only $2.50!

This is half of our half!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is my first Gratituesday post, hopefully not my last....

I am very thankful for my stove this Tuesday. It had not been working for over a month and my husband and I were going NUTS. I homemake all Aidens food and cook on the stove or in the oven almost everyday. After countless phone calls to the home warranty company, weeks of waiting, and 2 contractor visits, it is FINALLY fixed! I am so thankful.

I am also VERY thankful that we renewed our homeowners warranty this year. Instead of buying a new stove, or paying 2 different contractors to come out and try to fix it, we payed our decuctible and that was it.

I could go on and on about all that I am thankful for ( my kids, husband, family that loves us, my dog, a house.... told you) but today, I'm thankful I can cook on my stove again. Oh, how I've missed it.


Well, I have had this blog since April but have not posted. I think the issue was I didn't (don't) know where to start. I'm not very computery and I'm not sure what to say, what not to say. So, I just decided to jump in. I will share with you my menu plans for the weeks, grocery lists and trips. Little things that pop up along the way. Recipies, freebies, coupons, whatever comes up. I hope you will stick with me. I would love to hear from you!

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