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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last Thursday (8/20) my husband got up as usual for work around 4:30 am, headed outside to his car and for some reason turned down to look at the shed, which is right beside our back door. And to his surprise, there was a man standing there watching him. When the man realized Edward saw him, he took off through the yard and up the street. Edward ran after him for a little while and lost track of the guy so he came back home and got me up to let me know what was going on. Our boxer, Ryleigh, was going nuts so we let her inside. She slept (if you can call it that, more like laid on top of me, growling every few minutes) the rest of the morning.

I was terrified - I still am. Edward bought and installed a motion light for that side of the house(we have it on the other side but not on that side), bought some pepper spray and made sure all the door locks and windows are in excellent working order. He has started walking around the house before he leaves. Ryleigh has been very protective of the kids and I, even more than she usually is.

I have been praying every night for us to make it though safely and every morning when I wake up and realize it we're still safe. I know he probably won't be back, but I can't help but worry. I hate to think about what could have or would have happened if he just left like he usually does and didn't see the man. I thank God that instead of getting into his car and driving to work, my husband felt the need to look around at his surroundings.


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