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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 a Day

Are you "up-to-date" on our 3-a day campaign? Today I've emailed:
I also received a reply (email) from Hostess. Here is an excerpt:
"It is a pleasure to hear from satisfied customers. We hope we can always count on your loyal patronage just as you can count on us to continue to provide the finest products available. We will certainly try our utmost to continue to merit your confidence. We are mailing a complimentary coupon which may be redeemed at any grocery store."
:D I also received an reply from Nestle. They were happy to hear from me, but no coupons were mentioned.


  1. So glad you posted at my blog, I was here this morning and seeing your comment reminded me I wanted to come back. Tell me more about this 3 a day campaign, please.

  2. I found this on Couponing to Disney. She emails 5 companies a day, with praises, questions or complaints. She says that 9 out of 10 companies will send you coupons, most of the time for freebies. So I've started also. I've emailed six companies already, one promised coupons and another offered a refund for the product I was dissatisfied with. Maybe you'll join in also! Thanks for visiting!


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