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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meal Plan Monday (For 2 Weeks!)

I'm going to try and do meal plans (and grocery shopping) in two week increments. I'd really like to do it a month at a time but I thought I'd start small.
Last week we did OK sticking to the plan, except for Friday we had Chicken and Stuffing Bake. And instead of leftovers we had homemade pizzas. (We would eat pizza every night if we could.) Here's the plans for the next two weeks, see something you like? Come back for recipes and meal costs, or email me.
Breakfasts - we usually have cereal, oatmeal, or pancakes. Occasionally the boys want eggs. We made cinnamon rolls Colin has been eating every morning the past week.
Lunches are almost always leftover dinner, hotdogs, PB&J or sandwiches.
Sunday - there's a new pizza place in town - they had a special for an extra large pizza, wings and a two liter for $10. I wanted to take a picture but after an afternoon running around at the park, the boys dove into it as soon as we walked in the door. $10(there's leftovers for lunches tomorrow so more like $5ish)
Monday -Grilled Cheeseburgers (think grilled cheese with a burger)
Tuesday - BLTS
Wednesday - White Chili
Thursday - porkchop (wanting to try out a new recipie, any ideas?)
Friday- Ziti
Saturday - dinner at my parents
Sunday - Pot Roast (slow cooker!)
Monady- Enchiladas (makes enough for two nights and hubby would eat these every night if I would make them for him)
Tuesday- Homemade Chicken Nuggets (first attempt) mashed potatoes
Wednesday- Enchiladas
Thursday- Steak
Friday- Chicken Fajitas
Saturday- Leftovers
For more great menu plans, head on over to MPM!


  1. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your grocery shopping tips. We really appreciate it.
    Currently, I'm working on a post, sharing many of the tips and facts that we received. I'll definitely let you know when I have posted it.
    Everything looks so good!
    Have a Happy Halloween or Harvest Festival!

  2. Thank you so much from Charles, Marcus and I for sharing your grocery shopping tips.
    I just posted a highlight of several of the responses that I received.
    Just wanted you to know that I provided a link back to your blog.
    I have several friends in the same boat as us ~ asking questions and have referred them.


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