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Monday, October 19, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Last week did not go as planned. We didn't have three of the planned meals (hot dogs, BBQ ribs and leftovers (because there wasn't anything leftover!)) The boys stayed at my mom's house Saturday so Edward and I "splurged" and ordered our favorite pizza and spent the night on the couch eating pizza and watching movies. Sunday we went Christmas shopping (!!) and picked up a pizza from WalMart. Hopefully we'll do better this week.
ALSO. I bought 2 big packs of ground beef last week (the week before?) to freeze. Friends came over when I got back from the store and I only got around to freezing one of the packs. The other went bad. (This is why you should do it as soon as you get home from the store!) SO. Since we don't have much hamburger left, we'll be eating a lot of chicken and pork until I can stock up again.

Check back later this week if you see something that interests you and for meal costs.

Sunday - pizza from WalMart ($8) we added some peppers and onions (free from garden)

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie (2.65)

Tuesday - spaghetti ($2.38)
Wednesday - turkey burgers, homemade french fries
Thursday - BBQ Ribs, mac and cheese
Friday - chicken salad panini
Saturday - leftovers
check out orgjunkie.com for other great meal plans.


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