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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mom, it's PURPLE!!

My oldest gets home from school today and wants to "make something". So we decided on blueberry muffins. I had a mix left from one of our Angel Food orders. I just added a 1/2 cup more blueberries and he mixed it all together. He happily yelled "Mom, it's PURPLE!!" After we put the muffins in the oven he had an apple! The muffins turned out blue but he was still excited. Aiden cried the whole time they were cooking, pointing to the oven and yelling "me? me?" I'm just so excited they ate blueberries! They both have been refusing to eat any fruits or veggies. I hid squash in their mac and cheese last night. :)

Colin enjoying his apples.

Aiden has bluberry muffin mix all over his face.


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