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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend - 11/15

Well, I worked on my big outside freezer last night. (Well, Edward did all the work, I just wrote down what was in it.) It's not really "organized", but now I know what's in it. I had no choice but to "rearrange" it. I bought a turkey at Wal Mart and got the "free" one from Giant and there was no room for either of them. Plus, we had to pickup Colin's fundraiser which meant 4 tubs of cookie dough needed to be stored until I could get them to their owners. We did a roast chicken Saturday night so there is homemade chicken stock and leftover bags of shredded chicken needing to go into the freezer also. I have four pages worth of food that I need to organize. And another list that needs done. Slowly but surely I will get my "problem" under control.
We also got ALOT of Christmas shopping done this weekend. I went shopping Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. Colin is DONE. (OK, I have to order one thing for him, but other than that he's done.) Edward is DONE. Aiden is ALMOST done. I still have our family parties to buy for but this year there is a $5 per person limit for presents. How sweet is that? The best part will be trying to find something awesome for the person we exchange with for only $5... I'm excited!


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