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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Weekend

We had a BUSY weekend. We did some shopping, cleaned out some of the house that has needed our attention (ahem.. filing cabinet) and played a lot of board games. Friday was rough. Aiden had a fever Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday night Colin was in tears because his ear hurt him so bad. I was up most of the night trying different remedies. (A homemade heating pad plus Tylenol finally did the trick) Saturday morning everyone was fine. We headed to Sam's Club to meet Edward's aunt (I don't have a membership) so I could get some flour for all the baking we'll be doing in the next few months. (Colin is already asking me to make Christmas cookies!)

Sam's : 1 package 12 steak rolls - $2.88
25 lbs Domino Sugar - $14.19
25 lbs All Purpose Flour - $7.58
Total : $24.65

We then headed to Target to look for Halloween stuff. We did great. We also took advantage of the buy 2 Wii games get 1 free.

4 (more) boxes Fruit Loops $4.98
4 Halloween shirts (for next year) - $0.59 each
3 Halloween shirts (for next year) - $0.39 each

4 costumes (for Christmas presents, Colin loves to play dress up) -$1.99, $1.29, $1.00, and $0.99
(Like the ninja costume? It'll go great with the Ninja sword set I got on Monday!)

I haven't gotten a picture of the Wii games yet, but I will try and sneak them back out to get a picture of them. We got 6 games at $14.99 each, 2 were free. Plus I had 2 coupons for $10 off 2 Wii games. We got 6 games for $39.96 or $6.66 each!

Target Total : $53.22
Total Savings: $132.29!!

Edward ran into Wal-Mart on our way home to get something for hunting and I asked him to pick up a few things for me. The boys were asleep in the car so I stayed with them.

Kraft Marshmellows - $0.75 (Wal-Mart brand was $0.98!)
1 packages M&M's - $0.50 (I ate the last of Colin's Halloween ones)
6 packages hotdogs - $5.28 ( - three $1/2 Bar S products)

Wal-Mart Total : $3.53

This post is linked to the Grocery Cart Challange.


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