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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking Day!

I must be crazy. I decided to do all of my baking in one day. I know most of you have already done this, but I never thought it would be possible for me. My little ones don't like to be alone (at least when I'm in the kitchen they don't) and hubby usually isn't the biggest help when I'm cooking.
Big Man and Little Man helped me for a little while. Then they disappeared into the living room and I could hear them singing and playing together. They are such angels.

Hubby worked half a day and came home in the middle of it all. He actually helped me with the peanut butter cookies.

I made waffles, chocolate covered pretzels, vanilla trail mix, peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter temptations, hot chocolate and 2 loaves of bread.

Little Man loves to cook! He usually is such a big help. He loved making chocolate covered pretzels with me.

Big Man liked eating the chocolate more than he liked helping.

I wanted to make pizza dough and some more bread but maybe tomorrow. We're snowed in and what's better to do than bake?! (and play in the snow!)


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