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Sunday, December 6, 2009

God is Great (but you already knew that didn't you?)

God sure does provide. Edward has been laid off for two weeks. He goes back to work for two weeks and then is off again. We're being hit with a few unexpected big bills that is pretty much going to wipe out our savings. I was kind of freaking out.
Then this wonderful woman helps us out. I have enough food in our freezer to feed us for two months. Mostly because of her.
Then Edward's grandparents sent him our (his?) Christmas gift this year (last year they didn't for some reason). It is enough to pay off our two [small] credit card bills and still put a some in the savings. Enough to make me feel comfortable through this month.
I needed a faith lifter, if you want to call it that. I have been praying extra hard lately. And He showed me that if I have patience and faith and I try to help myself instead of feeling sorry that He will provide. God is great.
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  1. Charles' work hours keep reduced and then we have to wait weeks for the unemployment. I'm praying for a fulltime job with substantial pay.
    I'm glad that you're receiving many blessings.

  2. It is so awe-inspiring to see the many different ways the Lord provides. Praying for your family that you continue to have peace throughout this blessed season and beyond.


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