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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Improvement..

I found another post by FishMama that I think would help me a lot. I don't like to clean. If I don't write it down that it needs done, it doesn't get done. So, I'm following her example and making a "master" list. Each day I will do what is on the list. I for some reason I don't get it done that day( doctors appointments, hospital visits etc.), I will NOT freak out over it. Instead, I will make sure it gets done next week. Here is my list:

Monday - living room / laundry / pay bills

Tuesday - dining room / office / put away laundry

Wednesday - boys room / toy room

Thursday - our room / bathroom

Friday - kitchen / hallways

Saturday - back porch / catch up

Sunday- relax / plan for next week

I am really hoping this will help keep me on track and help keep my house clean! (And I guess I'll have to do Monday and Tuesday next week since I didn't really do what I should this week. ;) )


  1. I just love to clean. To the point my husband will ask me to stop and take a break.
    I don't have a cleaning schedule. I just do what needs to get done, with the help of the hubby and the teen.

    I hope that your cleaning schedule works for you.

  2. Sandwiches - triangles or rectangles? Stop by my blog with your answer!


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