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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meal Plan Monday 12/27-1/2

Now that the holidays (well Christmas) is over, I'm hoping things will quiet down around here... I doubt it, but I'm hoping.
I'm going to be trying once again to shop once for the whole month of January. Hopefully it won't be much becasue I'm trying to eat from the freezer/pantry. Plus Angel Food has a nice menu (RIBS!) this month (like they usually do). I'm off to do my menu plan now. Who knows how far I'll get though because I'm watching the football game... Cowboys vs Redskins.
I'll share my monthly menu and hopefully the results of the grocery shopping next week. Here's what we're eating this week:

27 pizza
28 chicken corn chowder in bread bowls
29 meatloaf
30 enchiladas (if I get to the store to get enchilada sauce)
31 OUT (I hope!)
1 leftovers (enchiladas) (if I get to the store to get enchilada sauce)
2 chicken and rice

You can find 100s of other menu plans at Meal Plan Monday.


  1. look up on recipe sites - like recipezaar.com and make your own sauce. I did and found it is so much better than canned sauce. You just need chicken stock as a base and chili powder and cumin are key spices.


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