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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday Night is Football Night!

At least in our house anyway...

(hubby is actually helping little man although it doesn't look like it)

(he's putting the helmet back on...)

(watching the Cowboys vs Chargers game)


We love football around here. Big Man is a huge fan. He has a cowboys uniform (little man's wearing it), an eagles uniform (he's wearing it) and he has been asking for a redskins uniform for Christmas. (he's getting it) Hubby jokes that at least they're all in the same division.

Sunday nights are always pizza nights. We have pizza in the living room watching the game. After dinner we play football. We play in the house now because it's too cold outside. It is so much fun! I think hubby and I have just as much fun as the boys do.

When the Redskins (Big Man's team this year) played the Cowboys (pawpaw's team) and the Cowboys won, my dad called Big Man. When Dad said the Cowboys won Big Man replied "Not on my TV, on my TV the Redskins won!"



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