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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Giant Trip

I said it was going to be a small grocery trip and I made sure it was. I did do a LITTLE stocking up. But the light bulb was free and the cereal is my favorite. I don't buy it because it's too freaking expensive. So at $0.50 a box I bought two boxes. Which will be gone in a week. So it's not really stocking up... right?
Cocoa Puffs (the boys favorite and at $0.70 a box...)
Light and Fluffy noodles (just realized I bought the wrong kind! They were supposed to be No Yolks for UPromise savings. But they were free and will go to the food bank)
2 boxes Just Bunches ($1)
Cat Litter (the good kind! $3.59)
Light Bulb (free)
85% ground beef ($7.52)
dozen eggs (the reason I went to the store today... $1.35)
Total OOP -$13.87
bringing my total for the month to : $61.87


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