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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

I can't believe it's 2010 already. With the new year comes new resolutions, goals that we all want to accomplish. I want to change so much this year. I'm afraid of failing. But I know that I need to start somewhere. And that's where this comes in. I'm hoping by actually writing this down I'll stick to it. I'm hoping that by hanging this list where I can see it daily will help me to accomplish all that I want to get done. But as long as I get ONE thing accomplished on my list, I'll be happy. Because it won't be from lack of trying that nothing else gets accomplished. And that way, I'll have something else to work on for next year. *wink*

My goals for the new year are as follows.
  1. Create a budget and stick to it!
  2. Follow Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to help us save some money! I'm tired of worrying that we're not going to be able to make it if hubby gets laid off. He's been so fortunate thus far and I want to start building our account so we'll be OK if he does get hit.
  3. Keep my checkbook updated - I am so bad at just using online banking. But this way I have no clue how much money is really "extra" in our account. I need to keep up with our checkbook!! (I'm hoping this will really help with #s 1 and 2!)
  4. Organize my house and keep it that way!
  5. Slowly go unprocessed - I want to feed my family healthier foods.
  6. Enlarge my garden so I can can more - cutting back on groceries and enabling us to cut back on our budget and eat healthier!

For hubby - I know how to make him happy, I just need to do it. He's been working very hard to help me around the house so I need to try and help him out too.

For the boys - bring back family game night! we started this and kept it up for about three weeks. I'd love to do it again because Colin and I loved it so much. spend more one on one time with both of them.

For me - read at least one book a month I used to read more than one book a week! Now I can't seem to "find the time". try at least one new recipe every two weeks. I find all kinds of awesome sounding recipes at Meal Planning Monday but they always seem to collect dust in my folder. I need to dig them out and try them! plus everything HERE

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  1. Great list! We're going to start a game night too! I definitely recommend starting the Total Money Makeover babysteps asap. We've been doing Dave's plan for 6 months now and our whole life, family, and marriage has made a huge change for the better! And a plus? I hardly ever have to balance the checkbook anymore... I pull out the cash for the little things, and pay the bills and the balance STAYS there! LOVE it!!

  2. Good luck with all of your resolutions. I always loved game night when our daughter was still at home. It's a great time for conversation. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year and to invite you over for Crock Pot Wednesday. I hope to see you there this week.

  3. I like your goals! We use the envelope system that Dave Ramsey recommends, and we freeze our bank card (we have no credit cards) so it is not easily accessible. This is SERIOUSLY amazing. The checkbook does not go with me to the store. Just my envelopes with cash.

    And I'm also trying to slowly phase out processed foods. I don't know that we'll ever be 100% whole or unprocessed, but that's okay.


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