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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Save Money When Doing Laundry

Dirty Laundry Pictures, Images and Photos

  1. Make your own laundry soap. (for pennies a load!)
  2. Never do less then a full load. You use the same amount of electricity and water no matter how much laundry is in the machine.
  3. Wash all clothes in cold water.
  4. Remove clothes that dry quickly from the dryer half way through the cycle (bed sheets and pillow cases)
  5. Hang your clothes to air dry.
  6. Clean the dryers lint trap after every load. Clean the outside lint trap twice a year.
  7. During cold weather, vent the dryer inside to "reuse" the heat instead of letting it all be wasted outside. Just put panty hose over the end of the dryer hose to catch lint.
  8. Put a couple of clean dry towels in the dryer to help absorb moisture and dry clothes faster.
  9. Wash (certain) clothes after wearing a few times. There is no need to wash your jeans or your sweat pants or towels every time you use/wear them. Why waste water/electricity washing [basically] clean clothes? Wear them a few times then wash. You'll not only save money in the laundry room, you'll save yourself wear and tear on your clothes. (If they're dirty or smell bad, wash them after the first time!)
  10. WASH your UNDERWEAR in the bathroom sink.
    Saving money on laundry works for me.


  1. #7 - I have always wondered about this, but have never tried it. Our house gets so dry during the winter, that a littl ehot moist air might do us some good. I will have to ask hubby what he thinkns of this.I wonder if cold air would come in through the other end of the vent pipe...hmmm...

  2. What great ideas! I've never heard of #8 so I'll be trying that soon. Thanks for the tips!

  3. #8 & 9 really work for me too.


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