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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

( photo courtesy of Pillsbury.com)

I am sick. Yuck. And worse then me being sick, my boys are sick. All 3 of them. We all are sneezing and coughing. Sore throats and ear infections. So it's going to be a pretty laid back week this week. I'm thinking a lot of laying around watching some movies and reading lots of books. And lots of easy meals.

choice of cold cereal, pancakes (freezer) or waffles (freezer)

Usually PB&J, lunch meat or leftovers from dinners

chicken soft tacos (crock pot)
potato soup x 2
hot dogs and mac & cheese

It's times like these that I wish I had already done OAMC. But I will be doing some as soon as we get room in the freezers and I am feeling up to it! For more meal plans visit Orgjunkie.com
What are you eating this week? Leave a link to your meal plan and I'll come check it out.


  1. Hey Keli,

    I hope you all start feeling better soon. Times like this is when freezer meals really come in handy.

  2. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. And it's rough when the kids are sick too.
    I hope that you and your family get well soon.


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