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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Pantry

I thought since we're participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge this month I should share my pantry and freezers with you. my freezer is stuffed full. and not organized at all. :)

again...my freezer is stuffed full. and not organized at all.

the bottom of my "pantry" shelving - Ziploc baggies, dog food, hubby's soda, aluminum foil, cereal

the top half of my "pantry" spaghetti sauce, pasta, brownies, boxed potatoes

more cereal. We must have 50 boxes. the top shelf is all open boxes.

"leftover" cabinet. this is where I put whatever won't fit anywhere else or what I don't know where to put it

my baking cabinets - flour, sugar, spices, oatmeal

see all the marsh mellows I picked up at Target on clearance? Beans, hot cocoa, boxed mashed potatoes, a miscellaneous cabinet really.

all of our juice, canned veggies, rice, and condiments


  1. Good golly girl! If there is ever civil unrest I know whose house I am toting my family to!
    BBQ chicken bites aren't fancy.
    Chicken breast cubed and fried in real butter until cooked with some seasonings..whatever you like, I like garlic and pepper. Then coat them with bbq sauce and let them thicken up. Delish! :)

  2. WOW! You have an impressive pantry. I think you will do well with the challenge this month!

  3. Holy Guacamole! That is a lot of stuff! The freezer especially; I didn't even bother to take pictures of mine, though it should do us well for awhile in addition to the non-perishables.
    Good luck eating all that in just ONE month! (ha! I crack myself up.)

  4. Great pantry! I can't believe all the opened cereal. We never have more than 2 boxes open at a time and that was the rule when our 3 kids still lived at home as well. I would be worried it would go stale.

    Your pantry IS mighty impressive!


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