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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pantry Challenge - Day 17

Our pantry and freezers are slooowllyyy being emptied. I do see a difference. And I love not going to the store 4 times a week! I had to go this week because we had NO milk in the house for two days. I hinted and hinted for hubby to go get some on his way home but I guess he didn't pick up on the hints. So I ran out and got milk that should last us into next week at least.
How are you doing on your pantry challenge? There are only 6 boxes open! That's good compared to the beginning of the month.
this is looking a lot better (I think) I can see that it needs defrosted. *sigh* I guess that's a good goal to work towards.

Breakfast - cold cereal for C and me, oatmeal for A
Lunch - leftover bourbon chicken for me (it was so good!!) mac and cheese and green beans for the boys
Dinner - cowboy casserole

What have you been eating?
I'm thinking of extending our challenge through February... what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. If it's working for you why not. Sounds like a plan.

    Stop by my blog and leave a response to this week's question: Do you still use personal checks to pay for bills, products and services?


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