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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WFMW - Backwards Addition (again)

OK, I check the WFMW guidelines and there is nothing about a second post so I decided to jump in and do another one. It is the backwards addition after all...

I have a problem. I'm a hoarder. Seriously. Look at my pantry(pasta is the 4th and 8th pictures). But it seems like this is the only area that I have this issue. I have no issue getting rid of toys or clothes or papers or whatever else we have too much of. Just food. I have like 20 boxes of pasta [including spaghetti, ziti, elbow noodles, lasagna]. I am fixing macaroni tonight and I thought " I need to stock up on pasta if I'm going to use this box" Seriously?

So my other question for you is : When do you restock your stockpile? How low do you let your stock get before stocking up again?

Then go answer some other bloggers questions at sdrawkcab WFMW. :)


  1. My goal is to have 3 months worth of "normal" food in the pantry, (and a year's supply of basic staples like wheat, oats and honey). I've figured out how many cans of vegetables, fruit, pasta, soup, etc. that is for our family, and I don't worry about restocking until it dips below that number. Once I hit the "magic number" then I start looking for sales, and even if it takes a little while, there's still plenty of cushion. Hope this helps.

  2. Hai. Just stopping by from WFMW.

  3. If I have 20 packages of pasta, I don't worry until I am down to about 5 - or if a great sale happens before then, but pasta is often on sale here.


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