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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

28 Days of Organizing...

I am not very organized. One of my goals in life is to be organized enough that I can find something important when I need it. I joke that I need a box to put all my important things in, just so I know where they are. (Of course, I'd probably lose the box!) I always put something where I know where it will be when I need it. And when it comes time that I need it, I have no clue where it is.

Why do I want to get organized? One reason : being this disorganized has cost me money. Two weeks before Christmas, my camera broke. I sent it in to be repaired and lucky for me, got it back two days before Christmas Eve. But of course I had no idea where the memory card was. So I ordered a new one. Overnight shipping. (And I found the old one last week in my purse...)

I'm an Organizing Junkie is hosting a 28 Day Organizing Challenge. And I am participating! "Participating is simple. Just spend the month organizing a small space or a whole room (or even both!) and then come on back here at the end of the month and link up to a blog post (including before and after pictures!) on your organizing success." Let's hope my organizing is a success...

I'm tackling my living room this month. Here are the before pictures.

see everything on the back of the couch? That needs to be GONE. Into a new home. (the right home, not on top of my desk)
I need to purge some toys....

It's going to be a heck of a challenge! Come back at the end of the month for the results!


  1. Good luck! I look forward to the the results.

  2. Oh I am SO THANKFUL I am NOT ALONE in the fact that my playroom looks like Toys R Us threw up all over the place!!! YOu have LOTS of potential here... and it's hard to stay focused and organized! It's HARD! I say GO FOR IT! I'll live vicariously through you! :) I've got so much on my to do list in the next couple of months... I'm just going to be your cheerleader from the sidelines!


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