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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grocery Trips

This is the first week I've used Dave Ramsey's envelope system. I was glad to be paying in cash. I think it made me more aware of what I was buying. I put some things that were originally in my cart back on the shelf because I didn't want to part with my cash!
Here is what we got so far this month.

1 dozen eggs
1 2L coke
Total OOP - $ 1.45
Coupon Used:
$1/1 coke product

Save - A - Lot
4 - 1lb ground turkey
5 lbs ground chuck
1 lb scrapple
2 velvetta shells (for hubby's V-day dinner)
Total OOP- $12.93
Coupons used: $1/2 velveeta shells

Sam's Club
6 lbs apples
3 lbs bananas
2 hunt's tomato sauce
5 lbs sliced cheese
25lb bread flour
Total OOP- around $27 (lost my reciept)

5 lbs whole wheat flour
corn flour
2 v-day candies
maple extract (to make homemade syrup)
2 GV vegetable oil
GV chocolate syrup (to try to make my own!)
wheat gluten (to try to make hamburger buns)
4 cans enchilada sauce
Total OOP - $19.52


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