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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear ME, Happy Birthday to me!

My dear 10 cup food processor has a huge crack in it. (And I honestly have no idea how it happened!) Then I dropped my 1 cup food processor trying to get it out of the cabinet. So that has a hole in it. But I was planning on using it until I found a good deal on a new one...thinking it would be awhile before that happened.

Since my birthday is tomorrow hubby wanted to buy me a new one. Me, being my frugal self said OK! But not until I find the one I want at a price I want. I had been looking at them online and found a Black and Decker one for $40. But it was only 3 cups! I wanted and needed something bigger for the summer when I make my salsa.
We ran into Lowe's to get some stain and hubby insisted on looking at the food processors. We found this one on clearance. But there was none left except the one on the shelf. There was no box or manual or anything. So I asked the manager if they would give me a discount on top of the clearance price.

He did. And I got my 10 cup food processor for under $40!

Happy Birthday to Me!!


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! I just got one not too long ago. What all do you use yours for? We need to be recipe sharers!

  2. Awesome find! I'm so sad because I got a food processor at CVS for "free" and when I plugged it in to use it, it didn't work (and of course I had just thrown out the receipt a few days before). My hubby bought me one for Valentine's but I couldn't justify the expense. Maybe I'll have to check out Lowe's :)

    Happy birthday, by the way!

  3. You won the ecostore Giveaway!! CONGRATS!! Send me an email ASAP with your information and I will pass it on to the company. Thanks tons for entering!
    stephd at sewfierce dot com


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