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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Carpet in the Living Room!

I hated my living room carpet. It was stained, it stunk and it was coming up in places. I wanted more than anything to put hardwood floors down but when we went to Lowes to get the floor, we realized we were going to have to redo the hall floor too if we chose hardwood. And it cost over $700 just to do the living room. So. I picked carpet that would hide some of the dirt that my boys drag in. And hubby and I installed it. All. By. Ourselves. Go us! (We are still learning the whole DIY thing :)

This is a before picture:

Isn't this gorgeous? I LOVE this floor. But there's spots that are stained and very uneven. Plus, theres a 2 foot by 2 foot spot that was replaced. The wood and color is different than the rest of the floor. And that spot is about 1/4 inch lower than the rest of the floor. It would cost lots of money to redo this floor.

our two helpers.

I took this picture and then realized you couldn't really see the carpet...
(and incase you were wondering, all the toys are picked up, the living room is still organized!)
So I took this picture of the carpet.

I think the carpet looks great! I'm being extra careful this time around, haha. No shoes, drinks, or food on the carpet. And the dogs feet get wiped off every time they come inside. (Our backyard looks like a mud pit, the carpet would be ruined already if I didn't do this.)

We were going to get new furniture, we need new furniture, but we decided we had to put a fence up instead. A keeps running into the road and Ryleigh, my boxer in the pictures, broke her "heavy duty non breakable" chain again. I just hope the 6 foot fence holds her. Hopefully the rain will stop long enough this weekend for us to get that put up.

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  1. I just finished a post about my diy flooring, laminate!


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