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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Once A Month Cooking - My First Time!

I have never done freezer cooking before. And I wasn't sure that I wanted to. I mean, I love to cook. I love to be in the kitchen every single day. Then I saw that Tricia and Amy were partnering up and hosting an awesome giveaway for the participants in OAMC for the month of February. The prizes range from a Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor to a CUTCO Salad Mates set

But I still wasn't sure I wanted to cook for the whole month all at once.

Then, there was 3 weeks straight where I did NOT want (or was not able) to be in the kitchen every day. We were sick, there was countless doctors appointments. Life got in the way.  :)

So I decided that it would be wonderful to have meals in the freezer for me to pull out when I'm sick, or when I'm not getting home until dinner time. Instead of eating out and spending extra money, we're eating a healthy, home cooked meal. And I didn't have to spend hardly any time that day in the kitchen.

I started off by browning the ground chuck I bought in the crock pot. Hubby thought I was nuts but Tricia had done it and posted her results so I had to try. And the thought of browning 5 lbs of this in the skillet made me want to take a break already!
It turned out great and I will be using this method the next time I do OAMC.

The Meals:
Here's some of what I ended up doing. I did NOT do this all at once. It is so much easier for me to do one or two meals at once. My boys would never let me get a whole day of cooking done. So I just doubled up our meals for the night and froze the extra.
Breakfasts:  3 bags pancakes (I actually need to make more soon, I'm down to a bag. A eats these for breakfast, and snacks!)
2 bags French Toast Sticks (not pictured)

Dinners: 1 chicken soft taco mix
4 bags pizza dough
3 mini pizza crusts (not pictured)
1 chicken curry mix ( I actually made two but hubby took the other one to work all last week )
3 steamers

I also chopped and sliced up two HUGE onions and bagged and froze them. (wasn't going to do that either... then my friend told me a method to do it, I saw THIS post and the onions started going bad... someone was trying to tell me something!)

The Shopping:
I actually did not do a big grocery shopping trip for this. I had almost everything I needed in my pantry and freezers. I did end up buying 5 lbs of ground chuck for $5.95 and 1 dozen eggs for $1.45. So my grand total for 10 dinners and probably 20 breakfasts (if not more) is $7.40. Not bad.

The Verdict:
I love having meals in the freezer to fall back on. I love knowing that if I wanted (or needed) to all I have to do is pull one of these out and cook some rice or a side dish. I will be doing OAMC again! I'm headed to check out the March OAMC menu right now.


  1. I love having meals in the freezer for the exact same reasons :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your go at OAMC! I'm doing mine next week over spring break. I'm going to do 2 weeks worth on Monday.... 2 weeks worth on Wednesday and HOPEFULLY 2 weeks worth on Friday... I'm doing more because I'm due on April 26 and not sure how much more I'll be able to get to between now and then and I REALLY want to have all that to fall back on! Great job. I'm off to check out the browning beef in the crock pot link. I've done lots of prebrowned meat but ALWAYS have done it in a big stock pot (and it's just... ewwww!!!) LOL

  3. Thanks for the note! Yes, it's tough with littles under foot! I planned out in the evening, made sur emy kitchen was tidy in the evening, and cooked away in the morning first thing and during nap times.

    Where are you in PA? I have family in North PA... Are you still feeding your family on $25/week? That's a feat in itself!



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