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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are you Picky Eater? I am!

One of the blogs I have been following since I've decided to change the way we eat, is Food With Kid Appeal. She is taking the journey, like so many of us, to get her kids (and hubby!) to eat healthier.

Jenna is challenging you and I to become a recovering picky eater. She is trying to get 1000 people in 30 days to become a recovering picky eater. She is looking for people who :
  • want better access to health through real food.
  • are committed to eating better but are stuck because some of that healthy food doesn't taste good like that other stuff you prefer to eat.
  • want to change their mind-set about food
Jenna is challenging you (and I) to learn to like foods we used to dislike. She says you need to "change your thinking about {food item}, learn what {food item} does for your body, experiment with recipes and cooking methods until you find a way you don't mind eating {food item}"

 You can sign her petition HERE.

I am starting my challenge with broccoli - yuck. I am hoping that if the boys see me trying to eat something I don't like, they will also try new foods they "don't like." 

What will you start your challenge with?


  1. Keli, thanks for sharing the challenge with your gang here. Have you tried blanched broccoli? Wash and cut in florets (chunk the stems too - i like them more than the florets!), dunk in a pot of boiling water for one minute, then strain it, rinse it under running water until the broccoli cools. Serve it on a veggie tray with your fave dip, or add it into a cold pasta salad. delish! keep me posted on how the broccoli challenge is going for you. until you like it, just eat a little every time you serve it and banish the "yuck" thought from your brain :)

  2. You're a picky eater? Wow, that's surprising! Im not a picky eater at all. I mean, I like most everything but... beets, liver, cooked greens (like turnip and collard)... but most anything else I'll eat. I will say I don't eat a lot of wild game (deer, dove, quail, etc.) because I have this "thing" about eating things that aren't the "norm" and get this visual association that I'm eating Bambi in my head... it just kills me and I can't eat it. LOL


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