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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Use a CVS Pharmacy?

Do you use a CVS Pharmacy? If you do, be on the look out for this sign:

They were all over the pharmacy and still the pharmacist did not use my name. That is how I walked out of the store with $15 in giftcards instead of $10. I'm not sure if this was just in my store or in multiple stores, so just make sure you look!


  1. I never take advantage of those offers, like, "Did we ask you to supersize? If not, your next meal's free" because I'm always afraid it will come out of the employee's paycheck. :( Can anyone verify that the employees don't get in trouble for these offers?

  2. That is a good point. I didn't even think of that. :( I'm going to make it a point to ask next time I'm in the store!

  3. Please come back and let me know. And if I see a similar sign when I'm out tomorrow I'll ask too. :)


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