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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Bank Trip

We made a trip to our local food bank today. It wasn't much, just this one bag of freezer meals. We had gotten some through Angel Food Ministries, and a few free after coupons. I cleaned them all out of the freezer and off to the food bank it went! It feels wonderful knowing we are helping others in our community.


  1. Yay! Where do you go? I don't know of any food banks but have had stuff I've wanted to donate before...like stuff I bought cheap, or by mistake (like tuna in oil!) and didn't wind up using. When we moved, I had to throw out EXPIRED canned goods! Unbelievable. Or, my husband insists I buy butter beans and never, ever asks to eat them...And I never thought of donating Angel Food stuff, I just wouldn't order if there was too much stuff I didn't want. This month should be GOOD though!

  2. I love that you donate -- every little bit helps! I, too, used to partake in the Angel food Ministries! I even found a website that took what they gave you and created a menu with it! How cool is THAT?!

  3. @Kathy - there's a place right here in town that we donate too. I'm sure if we have one, there should be one near you too! LOL. Sometimes there is one or two things we don't like in Angel Food and I wait like two months til we have bag full of stuff (not all from Angel Food of course) the donate. I need to find out when we're ordering this month - I wish we could order online!


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