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Friday, April 30, 2010

Giant Trips 4/25 - 5/1

I ventured into Giant because C was completely out of juice for school. And I really wanted to have some burgers on the grill. So I printed out some coupons and away we went...
I should have known better but of course I had an issue. The cashier accused me of fraud AGAIN. For the same reason - using Internet printable. I was so close to just leaving everything on the belt and walking out when the bagger said "Just see if they scan." And by golly, they did.

 Here's what we got this trip:
2 8-pack Juicy Juice juice boxes
Fruitables juice boxes
1 lb Laura's Lean Beef
Dan-o-nino yogurt
Chi-Chi's whole wheat tortillas
Apple and Eve juice
12 pack hamburger rolls
Total OOP : $9.48

So then today I realized we didn't have a birthday card for the birthday party we're going to... Save A Lot doesn't sell them so it was into Giant again.  I went to the self check out hoping to avoid any issues. I was so excited to find Laura's Ground Beef on mark down!

I got:
4 lbs Laura's (all natural) Ground Beef
jet dry (marked down)
2 puff's plus with lotion
birthday card
Total OOP: $6.05
Coupons used:
(2) $1 off any Laura's Beef product
$.75 off jet dry (doubled to $1.34)
$1 off Puff Plus
$.50 off Puff Plus (doubled to $1)
$4 ONYO Catalina

The checkout lady told me they wouldn't take my meat coupons because the item was marked down. But I told her the manager had to come over ride it because I AM buying the item on the coupon. So she did the over ride. At least she was friendly about it.

Did you get any good deals this week?

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  1. OK, is it silly of me to be starting to get MAD at these cashiers for giving you grief? Seriously... it's not like it's THEIR money and they should definitely be versed in how to handle coupons. I remember going to .. one store -- don't recall which one and they had a sign up on the registers "no internet coupons" WHAT A CROCK!


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