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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giant Trips - Week of 4/18

I made quite a few trips to Giant this week. I was really excited about the free Snuggle so I decided to try again with the customer service. I went to two different stores and I liked the different one much better. Not everything we got is pictured.

13 liquid Snuggle fabric softner
8 Snuggle dryer sheets
2 boxes Ronzoni Smart Taste
2 packs Apple & Eve juice boxes
3 Lunchables (for hubby)
3 loaves whole wheat bread
2 Bush's Grillin' Beans
Breyers Icecream
Puffs tissue
Jet Dry
Franks Hot Sauce
Giant ketchup
Giant mustard
single serve pizza
Kraft Parmasean Cheese
8 pack of Pansy (flowers)
2 kiwi
3 lbs strawberries
1 lb organic carrots (seriously, if the organic is the same price as the "non-organic" why wouldn't you buy organic??)
1 avacado
1 lb mushrooms

Total OOP : $33.02

So I went over budget by $8.02 but look at everything I got! I have been contemplating raising our budget by a couple dollars (I'm thinking $10) so I can buy more fresh fruits and veggies. I have noticed that most of my spending is on stuff we really don't need. Most of the going over this week came from taking hubby to the store with me, something I try so hard not to do.

How did you do with sticking to your budget this week?

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