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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My $0.98 Compost Bin

I tried composting last year. It did. not. work. There were little bugs crawling everywhere. Seriously, it looked like the compost was alive. This year, I'm trying again. I have hope that it will work! While I really wanted to buy a fancy compost bin, I really think that is a waste of my money right now. Why buy what I can make for cheap? Hubby brought home some 5 gallon buckets from his work (so the bucket was free) and we bought a lid at Home Depot for $.98. (Lowes had them too but they were almost $2!)

All hubby did was drill some holes in the top of the lid and around the top edge of the bucket and bam! I have a compost bin! The lid is kind of tight on the bucket which is a good thing because instead of mixing the contents, I just give the (tightly closed) bucket to the boys and let them roll it around the yard.

Do you compost?

1 comment:

  1. I would love to, too, but that's one of my main fears... maggots and bugs and nastiness of yuck! :)

    My aunt does and does wonderfully. I feel guilty throwing away organics that I know would benefit a compost pile but??? what's a girl to do.


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