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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WalMart Trip 4/28

7 Benadryl No Itch Sticks (I was only supposed to buy 6...)
Tuna Snacks
Shick Disposables
Fish Boy Fish Sticks
Miracle Grow Potting Mix

Total OOP: $9.53

Coupons Used:
(3) $5 off any two benadryl
free tuna snacks
free fish boy product

I'm not sure what is up with me and nasty cashiers but I had another one today at Wal Mart! She gave me heck about using Internet printable coupons. I have always used more than one printable in a transaction at Wal Mart but she would not let me do it and I didn't push. She also gave me heck for using free item coupons. I checked the Wal Mart coupon policy and it says nothing about using one printable per transaction. Have you heard of this before?


  1. What is a no itch stick? I'm curious! and I would SOOOOOO double check that policy.that's crap!

    I heard that htey'll price match anything, too! Do you do that?

  2. a no itch stick is just like itch cream but it's less messy. They go great in purses and diapers bags. I've got plenty (obviously) and I plan to put 1 in the glove compartment too!
    I do sometimes price match. I don't shop Walmart much though...


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