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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WFMW - Free Diapers!

I have been a MyPoints member since 11/1/09. What is MyPoints you ask? Why, it's an online survey company! And it's so easy to use. You earn points that can be traded in for giftcards! How do you earn points?
  • Emails - read the email and follow the link and get 5 points (how easy is that?)
  • Take the offer in the email. Some are worth a flat number of points, some are based on the dollar amount you spend (usually 2-5 points per dollar)
  • Surveys - usually 50-100 points (In my experience, no survey has been more than 10 minutes long)
  • Searches - get 75 points for searching 31 or more times in a month
  • Referring friends - 150 points  
A few weeks ago I took a survey about diapers. They asked if they sent me diapers if I would be willing to take an additional survey on these diapers. (Free diapers?! I'd take 5 surveys!) I never thought anything more of it until yesterday when I recieved a package of diapers in the mail. Free from Mypoints!

Free diapers?! MyPoints works for me!

1 comment:

  1. Wow - I think I might have to try this. Free diapers would work for me too!


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