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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Always Open Your Bills!

I have gotten in the habit lately of throwing all my paper bills in a pile on my table. I don't open them most of the time. I pay everything online, so when I log in to pay the bill, it shows me how much is owed at that time. My cable bill (DIRECTV) is taken automatically out of our bank account. It is always the same amount (roughly $30) and I never open it.

Well, today the DIRECTV bill came and for some odd reason I opened it. It was $79! I called them immediately. And in less than four minutes, the customer service rep removed the extra charge. And I saved $43!

My tip for you today is to always open your bills! I would have never known about the extra charge had I not opened this bill. I would have been going nuts trying to figure out why the bank said I had less money than what I thought!


  1. Great advice.

    The only bills I get in the mail are medical bills and I always open them. All the rest I get in email or they are automatic draft, but I keep track of all in a spreadsheet and have a schedule to check each one every month.


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