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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Herbs in Your Garden

Whether you have a huge garden or just some containers on your windowsill, herbs can add a lot of benefits to your garden. Not only do fresh herbs taste great, they offer a lot of nutritional value. And they help your garden look pretty.  Not sure what to plant? Try one or two below.

Basil - Just two teaspoons offers five percent of your daily magnesium requirement. Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve functions, keeps your heart beats steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps your bones strong. Goes great in pizza sauce and lasagna.

Cilantro - Helps reduce bacterial contamination in meat and helps promote healthy digestion. Goes great in tacos and salsa.

Dill - Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and relieve indigestion. Goes great in tuna salad.

Parsley - Just two teaspoons will give you one hundred and fifty percent of your daily vitamin K. Vitamin K helps maintain healthy blood clotting and bone health. Goes great in pizza sauce and salad.

Rosemary - Helps cut cancer risks, fights carcinogens created when meat is cooked above 400 degrees. Goes great in marinades.

Thyme - Just two teaspoons offers almost twenty percent of your daily iron. Used in tea or cough syrup, thyme helps to relieve dry coughs and sore throats. Also goes great in salads and salad dressing.

I already have basil and parsley started in my garden. I'm thinking of adding some thyme and maybe some rosemary.

What herbs do you grow (or plan to grow) in your garden?


  1. I'm moving this summer, and I plan to grow at least half those herbs in a window garden. I'm especially looking forward to having fresh basil available!

  2. I'm growing small amounts of basil, dill, parsley, chives, thyme, rosemary, sage, and cilantro in my patio garden. It's so easy to grow, and even my small amounts are abundant for my family of 4. It's amazing how intense the flavors of fresh herbs are in my recipes compared to the "fresh" ones from the produce department at my local grocery store.

  3. @ Debbie - good for you! We did basil last year and I loved having it fresh to throw in sauces!

    @ Michelle - WOW. Great for you! I'd like to try and use a lot more fresh herbs but I'm not sure my hubby would like it. Do you dry/freeze yours for the winter? I tried with our basil but it didn't turn out too great!

  4. I've frozen basil before and it's great! I process it in the blender for a few seconds with a bit of olive oil and then freeze it in little ice cube trays. It's almost like fresh when you cook with it!

  5. @ Debbie - Olive oil? Hmmm... I'll have to try that this year! My blender turned green after I chopped all the basil last year. :)


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