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Monday, May 3, 2010

My 5 Things - 5/3

  1. Send rebate to Verizon - uh.... yea this NEEDS to get done.
  2. Clean out our closet
  3. Organize coupon area
  4. Start decluttering for yard sale. - I started.... didn't finish
  5. Buy stamps!
 This week I need to..
  1. Send rebate to Verizon
  2. Find more for yard sale
  3. Find recipes for OAMC
  4. Clean "cat" room
  5. Clean out the back porch 
This post is linked to 5 Things to Do.
What do you need to get done this week?


  1. I need to:

    1. Weed out winter clothing and store or donate it.

    2. Find onion and potato storage options

    3. Shampoo the carpets

    4. Trim the dog's nails and clean his ears.

    5. Bake extras for the freezer (English muffins, bread, hamburger buns, and muffins; pancakes and biscuits).

  2. Thanks for participating!

    You can link your post up here http://savingtowardabetterlife.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-five-things-late-again.html


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