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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My AWESOME Target Trip 5/20 :)

I ran into Target today for Green Works Laundry Detergent and Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites. And what a surprise, they had neither. But I saw they had 85% lean hamburger on sale for $1 a pound! BUT there was none left. Just as I was leaving, a gentleman pulled up with his stock cart loaded with hamburger and said "Do you need some hamburger? It's only $1".  So I bought a case. :)

People tell me they don't use coupons because can't find the deals I get. Or, they don't make coupons for the stuff they buy. I only used three coupons today. And one of them was on the cat litter. I got slamming deals today. You just have to be aware and don't be afraid to ask someone in the store for help! If I hadn't have ran into the stock man with the hamburger, I was going to ask the cashier for a rain check. They also had a ton of steak and chicken on great sale prices and some of them had $3 off coupons on the packages. Just keep your eyes open in the store! You too can get great deals on meat and produce!

Plus Target had some really good deals on a lot of other stuff too! I only used three coupons in this transaction and paid just $21.67! (all on a giftcard made it feel even better!)

2 Oscar Mayer Bologna - $1.99
18 lb hamburger meat - $ 18
Stonyfield French Vanilla Yogurt - $.75
Bananas - $.95 (I thought they were $.19 a pound, they were $.19 each!)
3 bags of shredded Carrots - $1.08 ($.36 each!)
Tidy Cats - $1.77
2 list pads (teacher gifts) - $2
1 bike horn (C graduation gift) - $1

Coupons Used:
$1 off Tidy Cats
(2) $2 off any Oscar Mayer Meat
3 $.05 reusable bag credits

Total OOP: (giftcard)


  1. You got some great deals, Kelli! I would go get some hamburger, except that I bought a ton at the meat market and we still have plenty.

  2. Once again, I'm impressed!

    I wish I could get ground meat for $1 a pound. The cheapest I've ever found it was for $3.20 a pound. The regular price is $5 a pound (the price of meat just went up - again - about 30-40%).


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