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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Grocery Budget Part 2 - Bread and Meat

In my first grocery budget post, I outlined my grocery budget of $25 a week for our family of four. Today, I thought I would share with you how I buy two items that there are rarely coupons for - bread and meat.

A few months ago, our family made the switch from white bread to wheat bread to 100% whole wheat bread. The only one still fighting me is C. He insists he doesn't like wheat bread, he only likes white. But if I tell him the whole wheat bread is the bread he likes, he eats it. So... go figure. I tried making sandwich bread from scratch. While the bread turns out wonderful, it is not sandwich quality. I can not slice it thin enough and it never seems to rise well enough to be "tall enough" for sandwiches. I have yet to find a recipe hubby will eat as sandwich bread. So I am forced to buy the store-sold stuff for now. (Any recipes would be appreciated!)

My trick to fitting 100% whole wheat bread into our $25 a week budget is to buy on clearance. Our Giant is constantly marking down loaves of Giant brand 100% whole wheat bread. The regular price for this bread is $1.79. The last time I was in there (and it's been a while), they had 8 loaves marked down to $0.90 each. I bought all 8 of the loaves and threw 7 of them in to the freezer. While that is only a savings of $0.89, that's almost like a buy one get one free sale. Which never happens (in my store) on the whole wheat bread. And in buying 8 loaves marked down, I saved $7.12. When the loaf we are using is finished, I just have to grab a $0.90 one from the freezer instead of running to Giant and spending $1.79 on a loaf.

I recently began buying grass fed beef. The brand our Giant sells is Laura's Lean Beef (which I LOVE). If you sign up for their newsletter, you can print off $1 coupons. (TWO per computer!) Once again, I watch for them to go on clearance and I swoop in like a hawk. :)  My last trip I bought 4 packages (all they had marked down). The most expensive package was $3.17. And I had 2 $1 coupons which brought my total for 4 pounds of organic, grass fed ground beef to $9.52 or $2.38 per pound. (Plus I had a $4 OYNO Catalina making it only $5.52 OOP) This meat sells regular price (again, at our Giant) for $4.99 a pound. So in this trip, I saved $10.44 on our meat.  

While this doesn't really seem like that much savings, over time it does add up. And the little savings here and there is what enables me to choose healthier options for my family.


  1. I know our local store is affiliated with giant, but I never see those prices for meat! Do you shop at a certain time of day?

  2. Whenever I can get out of the house! LOL I found the meat prices in the afternoon -probably around 2ish. The bread was around 3. I think it varies store to store though. Ask your meat manager if you feel bold enough (I don't!)

  3. bold i am not! id love to find the deals on meat though esp organic grass fed. the bread i usually make myself so im not to worried about that! thanks though!


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