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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WFMW - Backwards Edition

Works For Me Wednesday is backwards this week! So instead of me giving you a tip, I'm asking you something!

So my question for you is : how do you keep up with everything? I feel like I am constantly behind in something. If I play with my boys, I'm letting the house work slide. If I do the housework, I'm neglecting the boys. And "me" time? Forget it! There is no such thing around here. I can't seem to find a balance between everything.

I know that since I do have two boys under five (and one who is twenty five) my house will never be "clean". But I want it to at least be presentable!

So PLEASE share with me how you keep up with everything! My house, my hubby and my boys will thank you!


  1. FLYlady.net best way to know you're making progress without getting obsessive. Works for me!

  2. I don't think anyone keeps up with everything. I think it's mostly a faceade. :)

    It helps to be okay with the unwsept floor. ;)

    For me, it's all about priorities. The kids won't remember the dust bunnies, but they will remember the board games around the table, or flying a kite on a windy day with their dad and mom.

    I also enlist help every single day. No reason every family member can't do their parts to keep up with things, too.

  3. The only way I was able to remotely keep up is to have a PRINTED blank calendar that I write down what I want accomplished... I just started doing this...

    On Sundays -- CHURCH is written in on every Sunday

    Monday is -- Mom's Laundry

    Tuesday is -- bathrooms and Drew's laundry

    Wednesday is -- Towels and Josh's laundry

    Thursday is -- Groceries, etc.

    Friday is -- ETC....

    I try to keep Saturday completely open UNLESS i know it's bad weather and then I try to get one of my goals on the honey do list off!

    So that's my "MAIN GOAL" for the day calendar.

    I keep another calendar with our appointments and schedules on it on the computer (in outlook which I then sync with my Blackberry) and I print that out each week on Sunday to use as a guide when doing meal plans because I can see which days we have a late football practice and will therefor need to do something that can keep warm in the crock pot. I post that to the refrigerator so that everyone can see who is doing what.

    SO FAR this is helping LOADS with helping my house run far more efficiently!


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