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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WFMW - Cheap Pizza Sauce

I have been making homemade pizza for about a year. According to my hubby, I'm just now getting the hang of it. :)
One of the ways I make our pizza even more frugal is to use Ragu (or any spaghetti sauce) instead of the pizza sauce. I jut add oregano, Italian seasoning, garlic powder to season the sauce. My family says this actually tastes better than the "regular" pizza sauce.

Pizza sauce is $.69 a can around here (or it was the last time I bought it). I usually can get one pizza from a pizza sauce can. From a jar of Ragu, I can get at least three pizzas! And because I stockpile Ragu at a rock-bottom price, I only pay $.40 a jar.

Using Ragu for pizza sauce works for me!


  1. I use a can of tomato paste, add about a cup of wine or water and some seasonings. Voila! Pizza sauce! :) My husband much prefers it over the pricey jarred pizza sauce.

  2. Most of the time, I do the same thing!
    I tried tomato paste/tomato sauce mixture once, but wasn't too impressed. I would do what Beth does, except I never have wine on hand, really. :(

  3. Great idea! Right now I have Bertolli spaghetti sauce that I picked up for $0.50/jar--lots of it!

  4. THat is such a great idea if we actually MADE our own pizza.


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