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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hubby Loves Me...

...Or does he?

I told you he was bringing home a few more garden plants. The last time he brought home a plants from work, it was 2 tomato plants. So I figured it was 2 or 3 pepper plants for us. Boy was I ever surprised when he walked in the door with this:

FIFTEEN pepper plants! Of all varieties. We now have LOTS of peppers to use up this year. I will be making LOTS of salsa I guess. :)

So, I guess he does love me. :)  He did help me plant all but 2 of the plants. (And the only reason we didn't plant those is because I don't know where to put them!) Look for another garden update here in the next few days!


  1. He got some nice healthy pepper plants!! What a great guy :)

  2. If you like stir frys or fajitas or anything with cooked peppers you can clean and slice them, make sure they are dry and then freeze them in baggies to be cooked during the winter. We have about 12 pepper plants because my husband decided he really wanted peppers this year and I plan to freeze them for cooking with in the winter when they get really expensive.

  3. @ Andrea - he did get great plants, and you are right - he is wonderful. :)

    @ Mindy - good idea, I did that last year but did it wrong - they all froze in big lumps. I need to freeze them so they come apart without me having to thaw them and bang them on the counter. :) Thanks for the tips! We love them in stir frys and fajitas!


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