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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Picking!

If you "like" Feeding Four on Facebook, you probably know about my excitement this afternoon when I found a Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm about 20 minutes from my house. Today was the last day they guaranteed strawberries so I packed up the boys and we headed out. I thought they would LOVE doing this but I was wrong. They lasted for about 15 minutes then went and played in the truck (which was parked right beside the patch, thankfully and we were the only ones there) for the rest of the time.

I could not believe this sign! "No small or bad children"!? Seriously!? What is small? A is only 20 months, guess that's not small because they didn't say a word about him. (Maybe that's why they drove up the hill and sat for a few minutes... to check on me?)

Not long after this, he shed his shirt and ran to the truck. :)

Most of the strawberries that I picked while the boys were sitting with me went in their mouths! I had a blast watching them. :)

I coaxed them out of the truck and he insisted on bringing his "umbella". It was a bit hot out today...

The fruits of our (my) labor! :) And I bought 2 watermelon plants. I see lots of Strawberry Popsicles in our future. Mom and I are talking about going to do more picking Friday, providing they still have strawberries. Now I just need a good pectin free strawberry jam recipe that'll work for me!!


  1. What a crazy sign!!! We've picked strawberries and blueberries this year; am hoping to find somewhere to pick peaches. Now that my girls are a bit older, they are actually a help when it comes to picking.

  2. I would love to find some where to pick blueberries and peaches around here! There is really no pick your own farms around here though. Good luck and happy picking!

  3. That seems like it would be fun. I took Drew to pick apples two years ago...he loved it. Are you going to make some strawberry freezer jam?


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