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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Easy Homemade Sparklers for Little Ones

If you have little ones like I do, you probably get a little freaked out at the thought of them holding sparklers. Especially when the "flames" get about down to the end - so close to their little hands. Kathleen at Life with 4 Boys has a wonderful alternative to "real" sparklers. And the best part is, your little one will still think (s)he's doing sparklers with the rest of the family.

"If you have little ones, then you probably know how freaked out they can get by the thought of holding a flaming stick in their hand for any period of time. Or perhaps you have a little daredevil who really wants to play with sparklers like the older kids, but you don't want them to. [This would be my little one! He's not afraid of anything!!] This is a simple alternative that can be made in a flash and that will allow your little ones to participate on the 4th of July without the danger of losing an eye or burning down the house."

Head to Kathleen's sparkler post to read how to make them!

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