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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Update # 6

I received my camera in the mail yesterday! I was so excited! So was hubby - he took it and decided he was going to take my garden pictures for me. :)

Red tomatoes! And LOTS of them. A has been stealing them off the vine and running around with them. Yesterday, he ate one for lunch. :)

This is the only broccoli plant with broccoli on it. Well, the other plants are just starting to get some.

We are overwhelmed with peppers of all kinds! The only kind that isn't ready to be picked is the bell peppers. They are still teeny tiny.

Watermelon starting!! It has officially taken over the kiddie sandbox I planted it in. Good thing I put the box in a place where it is okay that the watermelon will take over. ;)

2 of 10 tomatoes I picked last night. Although you can't tell here, the bottoms of these are a little rotted. But I'll just cut that part off and hubby will never know!

Zucchini and peppers hubby picked. (Actually, I got a knife and had to cut the zucchini off.) I'm hoping to get a post up Saturday about what I plan to do with all that zucchini!

And that's all my garden for this week.

 What does your garden look like? Have you harvested anything?


  1. Your veggies look absolutely GORGEOUS! I wish I could have a garden but my homeowners association doesn't allow us to plant anything because we have landscapers who make everything look the same. So, we go to the farm to get ours! I will live vicariously through your garden!

  2. I harvested my first zucchini today :) It was so exciting! My tomatoes have baby green tomatoes on them, it gets cold here at night so they take a while. Congrats on your melon, mine all died :( Your garden is looking great!!

  3. wow, that watermelon is really cute. Has if vined a lot? My tomatoes are on but still green and we are harvesting lots of zuchinni which I'm looking forward to baking with.

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