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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garden Update # 7

I haven't done a garden update in a while because there really hasn't been that much to share. We've had some harvesting - mostly peppers and tomatoes. We had a whole bunch of tomatoes that I needed to use or lose. So we made salsa (I promise the recipe is coming). My wonderful boxer (I say that with gritted teeth :) ) decided she needed to jump the five foot wall in our backyard and use my garden as leverage. We lost a lot of peppers, six tomato plants, lettuce, spinach and I'm pretty sure my zucchinni plant is dead.

We have lots of little eggplant flowers but no eggplants. (Same with squash)

Look how big our watermelon is getting! We have three little watermelon growing, but hubby commented tonight night that he thinks the one maybe be rotting. :(

These tomatoes (still no clue as to what they are!) are finally turing red. *Hoping* to have enough tomatoes here soon to make some spagheti sauce.

This is one of our two volunteer tomato plants. This one is under the grill and is doing quite well. Hubby noticed some tomatoes on it tonight.

While you can't really tell how badly it's smashed, you can see the dying leaves. My poor, poor zucchinni plant.

If you can see, the vines are all laying on the ground. They still have tomatoes and are still ripening so I just need to make sure I get to them before they rot. Stupid dog.

How is your garden doing?


  1. On no!! Your poor garden!! :( I'm impressed at the amount of tomatoes you have on the vine. I've got lots of BIG plants but not so many fruits. Stupid Colorado and our cold nights GRRRRRR :( Cucumbers have lots of flowers, a few tiny fruits but nothing harvestable yet. My zucchini's are going crazy, I've got way too many zucchinis already :) Now if I could just get a tomato to go with those zucchini's I'd be a happy Witch :)

  2. I also got problems on some of my plant that flowers but doesn’t produce fruits. I just used compost soil and it made my plants produce veggies. Maybe your soil is lack of nutrients to make your plants produce fruits. My garden is doing great especially my corn and potatoes.

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