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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grocery Shopping 7/10

This is my first Giant trip in a while. I have been trying to stay out of the stores to save some money. :) This trip was just to get hamburger rolls. Then hubby requested salad and our salad greens are not doing too well this year. (I think it's the heat) Then we decided to get some ice cream and we just kind of threw a bunch of stuff in the cart. This is why I don't bring hubby to the store with me!!

There is no picture because my camera broke last week. I did get a new one, but ended up hating it. Hubby returned it and I ordered a new one but it's not going to be here until next week.

1 bag spinach
organic carrots
4 cartons Turkey Hill Ice cream
12 pk hamburger rolls
3 liter soda
4 loaves whole wheat bread (marked down)
Total OOP - $18.08

We also ran into Aldi and got...
2 packages pepperoni
1 bag tortilla chips
Total OOP - $5.76

Total for the week : $23.84 - just under budget!


  1. still better than I'd have done. I don't think it's possible for me to leave Wal-Mart under $150. LOL


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