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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have a Confession to Make...

I have a little problem. Actually, it's two problems. I buy a lot of food. And I’m not very organized. But you knew that. Now I’m going to tell you how being organized can save you money. And food.

You see, I threw away FOUR pounds of ground beef tonight. I got out two pounds to fix tacos for dinner and when I opened the packages, something just didn’t seem right. The meat was kind of funky looking and didn’t smell like I thought they should. So I threw them out. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I went and got two more that looked and smelled the exact same way. And in case you're wondering, we still did have tacos for dinner, but I used this meat. :)  But I was so mad at myself for letting four pounds of meat go to waste! Here is a picture of why they went to waste.

Could you find anything in there? Yea, didn’t think so. Me either. And this actually isn’t as bad as it was yesterday. Because last night when I was trying to shove put my strawberry jam into the freezer, I dropped one inside the freezer and somehow it opened and spilled all over the bottom shelf and the drawer of the freezer.
I need to take the time to go through this freezer and inventory everything in it. I could probably feed us for at least two months from this freezer alone. Taking the hour or so to go through this freezer and use what I have could save me around $50 if not more. Plus, I would be able to use what I have and not have to throw away more food away!


  1. I hate it when that happens! I got two clamshells of strawberries the other day and TOTALLY forgot about them. They BOTH went bad before I used them. GRRRRR!

    YES... an inventory is absolutely essential.

    What I did when this happened to me (trust me, we've ALL been there) is to do this..

    1) get a plastic laundry basket.
    2) unload an ENTIRE Shelf INTO said laundry basket
    3) sort it into piles.
    4) Discard what is freezer burned, mystery meat,e tc.
    5) create a log and put it on the log. I created an excel spreadsheet (you know me and my spreadsheets!) and had columns for date/item/size so that I knew how big the packages were in case a recipe called for it

    Once that was started, I honestly had to throw out quite a bit b/c the stuff in the back of my freezer was freezerburned and no good.

    It actually went pretty fast and I was able to do it all in shelf sessions and get it all back in the freezer before it thawed or I had the freezer open too long that it wasn't cool in there any longer.

    Then I bought some inexpensive plastic containers from The Dollar Store and I used those to help sort things in the freezer.

    Hope that maybe will at least give you an idea on how to get started!

  2. Been there done that! I'm a lot better now but things still get shoved behind and scary looking.


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