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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WFMW - Keeping Tomatoes from Rotting

I am still pretty new to gardening. This is only my second year gardening and I am still learning a lot. Luckily, our neighbor has been very generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge with me.

A few weeks ago, our tomatoes were starting to grow like crazy! But, they would get about as big as C's hand (he's 4) then stop growing. And then they started to rot. The bottoms of all of them were a nasty black color. My neighbor walked by one day and asked when the last time that I watered them was. My answer? "Uhhhhhh........when I planted them? Or wait, when did it rain last?" He laughed. And suggested I water them. So now every other day, I water them. And I water everything else in my garden. Everything that wasn't growing (with the exception of my squash and pumpkins - but that's a different issue) is growing. And no more rotting tomatoes! In fact, I think by the end of the week I should have enough tomatoes to this new pizza sauce recipe I want to make.

What have you learned about gardening this year? You could probably teach me a thing or two!


  1. I never have much luck with tomatoes. I'm trying the Topsy Turvy thing this year and have two tomatoes (still small and green) so far. And I even used Miracle Gro. I'm about to give up. My husband says maybe I should have put 2 plants in there so they could cross-pollinate. Maybe? I guess I'll give that a try next year, LOL!

  2. Gardening has not every been my forte so I feel your pain. It is great that you are getting out there and trying new things though. We never learn just from reading about it -- you have to get out there and try!

  3. rofl... you mean, you have to WATER things to get them to grow? LOL.. just teasin! LOL


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