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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids - Make Waiting Fun!

Last week, I shared 10 craft ideas that my children love. Today, I'd like to share ten things I do that make my life easier outside of the house. Since I am a SAHM to a (newly) 5 year old and a 22 month old, I bring both boys with me everywhere. To the store, the post office, and the doctor. I have compiled a list of things that make my life easier while waiting with my boys.

  1. Matchbox Cars - or small toy trains also work well. My boys make up roads and run their cars all over. The other day in Giant, we were behind a lady that took a good 10 minutes at check out. I luckily had 2 trucks in my purse. Instead of spending 10 minutes pulling candy off the shelf (who puts that there anyway!?) my boys were quiet for 10 whole minutes! They played together with their trucks. (I did have to allow them to sit on the floor.)
  2. Snacks - works on my boys only if they are hungry. I keep 2 small baggies in my purse so if they get cranky, I can pull them out.
  3. Dry Erase Pen - when I go clothes shopping, I bring along a dry erase pen and a tissue for drawing on mirrors in the dressing room! This is great for keeping A occupied while I help C try on clothes.
  4. Bubbles - I discovered this on a impromptu road trip. I was not at all prepared for this trip and the only thing I had with me was bubbles. Both boys were tired and cranky, A was screaming and C was not happy. I dug out the bubbles and everyone was happy for the remainder of the ride home.
  5. Magnifying Glass - C brought one of these home from school last year and the boys went nuts over it. It keeps them occupied for a long while. They love checking out how things change once looked at through the lens.
  6. Mini Etch A Sketch - while we don't actually have one of these, both boys love playing with them in doctors offices and it passes the time quite quickly for them! C has even asked the nurse if he can bring the etch a sketch with him into the exam room to continue his drawing.
  7. Pipe Cleaners - they can be transformed into anything! I like to reserve these for when we aren't that close together (like the checkout line) They can be turned into rings, headbands, animals, etc.
  8. Keys - whether yours or play keys, they can be counted, sorted by size or used to open pretend doors.
  9. Finger Puppets - act out stories or talk to the baby in line behind you
  10. Simon Says - With little ones, Simon always says and no one is out. If you can't move much, you can say "clap your hands, touch your nose, count to 10, stick out your tongue, stand on your tippy toes, etc"
Good luck keeping your kids entertained while waiting! Don't forget to check out some great craft products and pretend play! Check back next week for more fun things to do with your kids!


  1. We like to play the alphabet game when we are in the car, we never make it all the way through but it keeps them quite just searching for the letters. I love the matchbox car idea, I think I will try it.

  2. (stumbled on your blog from another) - I totally agree!! Simon Says and Bubbles have saved and prevented many tantrums from boredom. I'll have to remember the dry erase makers in the dressing rooms. My three year old wants to try one everything I'm trying on. This is usually okay when it's a few things, but swimsuit shopping and bra shopping (which are already stressful and depressing trips!) are a lot harder when she's trying them on too!

  3. If you have an iPhone,Ipod or iPad, check out "A Family Matters". We built this app to help families enjoy their time while waiting or traveling. It's not a videogame, just hundreds of great ideas to have more enjoyable conversation and learn about your family.



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