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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids - Rainy Day Activities

Last week, I shared 10 ways to make waiting fun! This week is all about making rainy days easier to get through. A few weeks ago, it rained every single day. I was racking my brain to figure out ways to keep the boys entertained. activities

  1. Draw on the windows! Grab some dry erase markers and draw on the windows! Just make sure you keep the "real" markers and the dry erase markers out of reach when you aren't around to keep an eye on the younger kids or you'll end up with colorful walls as well!
  2. Dance. Put on some music and dance around the house. You'll wear the kids out and *bonus* burn some calories!
  3. Play Tag. Our house is kind of a circle which makes it perfect for a game of tag. The boys love to run around and play tag and it totally wears them out!
  4. Create an obstacle course. Use couch cushions, chairs, blankets, whatever you can think of to jump on and over, crawl under and run around. See who can run through the fastest, who can run it backwards or with their eyes closed.
  5. Hunt for ocean treasure. Fill up the bathtub with bubbles and hide underwater creatures in it. Plop your child in the tub or "fish" from the outside.
  6. Bake. My kids love to help me and when we have nothing better to do, we make a huge mess in the kitchen! They usually don't last any longer than it takes to mix up whatever we're making but we have a blast!
  7. What's In the Bag? Throw some different things in a paper bag. Have your child feel and describe it; then see if they can guess what it is!
  8. Indoor Basketball. Grab a [clean, empty] trashcan or a hamper and a small ball (or ball of paper) and shoot away!
  9. Play with balloons. Blow up a few balloons and see who can keep them in the air the longest. Or jump-sit on the until they pop!
  10. Splash!! Our favorite thing to do when it is raining is to go out and play!! As long as there is no lightening or thunder, we love to go out in boots (or barefoot!!) and splash. They love to bring umbrellas although they use them to catch the rain more often than they use them to stay dry. The other night, they went "swimming" in puddles.
Have fun on your next rainy day! Don't forget to check out some other great children's activities. Check back next week for more fun things to do with your kids!


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